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Life is an adventure. Dress appropriately.

SHASHI is a performance grip sock with a fashion-forward focus.

Our socks give you the advantage in any floor-based activity or sport—barre, Pilates, yoga, indoor cycling, Megaformer™, tai chi, martial arts and even golf—where you want the protection of a traditional sock, but without its slipperiness or heat. Our patented technology provides stay-cool comfort and a strong, confident no- slip grip, while our unique styles give you a fashion-forward look both during and after your workout. In short, these socks are designed to perform beautifully all day long.

But the best part is that SHASHI socks aren’t just for the studio, they can be worn any time you want to put your best foot forward. Here are some other uses for SHASHI socks:

  • Slip off uncomfortable high heels at weddings or social events and continue to party in style without compromising your look
  • Ideal for airport travel or for anywhere you’d like to add a twinkle to your step while keeping your feet clean and protected
  • Perfect for older adults or people in rehabilitation/physical therapy settings
  • Wear them around the house instead of bulky slippers

SHASHI socks have several unique and enhancing features

Every style of SHASHI sock comes with a few added bonuses—COOLMAX® breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet cool and comfortable, for one. Plus, each sock is designed to conform to the contours of your feet, eliminating bulky fabric for a more comfortable fit in and out of shoes. The bottom grip area of SHASHI socks is larger and has more numerous grips than other workout socks, covering the entire sole for added stability and traction. Lastly, you’ll find SHASHI socks come in a variety of toe box options, designs and colors

  • CLASSIC and STAR have a unique mesh top panel that provides ventilation and full coverage of the foot
  • SWEET are designed with an open top panel and provide a barely there feeling with the
    advantage of having the sole of the foot and toes covered
  • ESSENTIALS  offer a classic look that goes with any workout, with elemental unisex style
  • ARTIST SERIES are limited-edition socks from up-and- coming designers, made with the
    same attention to detail and a different approach to fashion