SHASHI Advantage

SHASHI is a performance grip sock with a fashion-forward focus.

Our socks give you the advantage in any floor-based activity or sport—Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Megaformer, Tai Chi, Martial Arts and even Golf—where you want the protection of a traditional sock, but without its slipperiness or heat.

SHASHI socks aren’t just for the studio, they can also be worn for non-sports activities. They’re perfect for the elderly or people in rehabilitation/physical therapy settings. You can wear them around the house and even to weddings, anywhere you’d like to add a twinkle to your step while keeping your feet clean and protected.

SHASHI is perfect for all seasons and is a treat for your feet, from the studio floor to completing that special look day or night.

SHASHI socks have several unique and enhancing features:

  • CLASSIC and STAR socks have a unique mesh top panel that provides ventilation and still provides full coverage of the foot
  • SWEET socks are designed without mesh and provide a barely there feeling with the advantage of having the sole of the foot and toes covered
  • Each pair of SHASHI socks is designed to conform to the contours of your feet, eliminating bulky fabric for a more comfortable fit
  • SHASHI socks’ grips are larger and more numerous, providing added stability and traction
  • All SHASHI socks are made with Coolmax® moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Each pair of SHASHI socks is packaged in a mesh pouch that also serves as a convenient place to store your socks, at home or on the go!

Commonly Asked Questions

Left Socks and Right Socks?
All SHASHI socks follow the gentle curves of each foot. No more bulky fabric by your little toes! Look and see which sock should go on which foot before you put them on. To make sure your SHASHI socks are worn on the correct feet, the “Running Dog” mascot should be visible on the outsides of your ankles. See Picture.

Regular Toe or Split Toe?
SHASHI Regular Toe socks provide no toe separation.

SHASHI Split Toe socks separate the big toe from the other toes. It’s similar to a mitten or a Japanese Tabi sock and is ideal for wearing with flip flops!

Socks should fit your feet. SHASHI socks come in a variety of sizes to provide the best fit possible.

If you are between sizes, we recommend you pick the smaller size. Remember, socks stretch and are meant to fit a specific size range.

Women's Shoe Size:USUKEU
Extra Small 4.5-5 2-2.5 34-35
Small 5.5-7.5 3-5 35.5-38
Medium 8-10 5.5-7.5 38.5-42
Large 10.5-12.5 8-10 42.5-44.5
Men's Shoe Size:USUKEU
Medium 6.5-8.5 6-8 38.5-42
Large 9-11 8.5-11 43-45